"Don't compromise yourself. You're all you've got." -Janis Joplin

f.Boo Music is a family owned production company, indie record label, and recording studio dedicated to creating music that's arresting, disarming, and maybe just a little bit different.

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Adam Benjamin

Keven Brennan (musician)
Keven Brennan Artist Blog

Zip Guns (Keven Brennan, Tim Glum, Jon Biggs, Jason Gutierrez)

Los Feliz

Robin Brennan

Big Chief Monk Boudreaux

Scott Cowie - Talk Music Podcasts

GO SHLOMO (Adam Benjamin & Jason Harnell)

Janeen Leah

Red Oak Duo (Adam Benjamin and Storm Nilson)

Storm Nilson

f.Boo Friends and Scuttlebutt...

Camilo Otero

Musician and composer, Camilo Otero specializes in crafting beautiful and compelling soundscapes. Check out his stuff on SoundCloud. He's been part of the fBoo family since 2006, entering as guitarist for live band performances promoting Keven Brennan's 4th CD "God is a Mighty Gourd."

Camilo has contributed to fBoo projects and peformances ever since, most recently playing guitar on forth-coming Alan Wachs CD, and working alongside Keven on the Los Feliz Project (Afro, Funk, and traditional Colombian rhythms and song forms). Los Feliz released single "Mindiwa/Howlin' at the Moon" and debut EP may be purchased on CDBaby [here].

Leslie Zemeckis
"Bound by Flesh"


Daisy and Violet Hilton – SIAMESE TWINS – Born in 1908 in Brighton, UK. SOLD AT BIRTH and displayed in CARNIVAL sideshows by their legal guardian. Daisy and Violet Hilton HAD NO RIGHTS!! The beautiful Siamese twins became the biggest STARS of VAUDEVILLE, earning bags of money that they NEVER saw! In 1936 they sued for their FREEDOM – and WON! Daisy and Violet Hilton starred in “Freaks” and "Chained for Life." BOUND BY FLESH is the REAL, UNTOLD story of DAISY AND VIOLET HILTON.

“Bound By Flesh” a film by Leslie Zemeckis (director of "Behind the Burly Q") .

Also check out Zemeckis's "Behind the Burly Q" on Publishers Weekly

More f.Boo Albums

Robin Brennan's CD, I'll be home for Christmas, has a special mission: to help disabled vets and their families by raising awareness and funds.

20% of the CD proceeds go to benefit disabled vets and their families. See Robin's artist page for the whole story and to hear songs from the CD.

"I'll be home for Christmas" may be purchased at the f.Boo online store.

Red Oak Duo, f.Boo artists Adam Benjamin and Storm Nilson, have teamed up with their new duo project "Red Oak." Their self-titled debut album was released in July and the duo hit the road for their West Coast CD release tour.

Red Oak is a natural synthesis of jazz and country... a sophisticated jazz vibe intertwines with the pastoral sounds of country and folk to create a unique and evocative portrait of modern-day America.

These two acclaimed composers and improvisors, whose relationship dates back to their days as students at the California Institute of the Arts, have crafted a unique duo act. Reminiscent of Bill Frisell, Pat Metheny and Keith Jarrett, the landscapes of America are painted in stark detail on their debut album. Check out Red Oak Duo on their f.Boo artist page and at redoakduo.wordpress.com.

Storm Nilson's debut album "Home" is a collection of standards and an original song written by Nilson, played on acoustic guitar.

"Home" tells a story about American music, mixing adventure with a yearning for the familiar. In Nilson's words, "The fusion between jazz and rural-based music is not only beautiful, but naturally blends my feelings about my own geographical past with a musical journey across the continent.” Check out Storm on his f.Boo artist page and at stormnilson.com.

Albums in Production

Los Feliz is a collaboration reaching from Los Angeles to Bogata, Colombia. Defying the "borders" - we can't wait to reveal what's going to be quite the splash!

Keven Brennan's own "Stand in the Light" album is getting great reviews. See his page for words from Mr. H of Zeitgeist.


Keven Brennan produces Sharon Robinson's "EP1"

Grammy winner Sharon Robinson’s third solo release and first EP, entitled, “Sharon Robinson EP 1”, will be distributed by Floating World Records, UK, and exclusively available on Sharon’s upcoming Summer ’16 European Tour.

Produced by Keven Brennan, the EP contains four soulful covers that expand on Robinson’s artistic journey as a singer; for the first time recording songs by writers other than herself and her many collaborations with Leonard Cohen.

“After releasing my current solo LP, Caffeine, I wanted to record songs by singers and writers I admired and include them in my next tour. I’d never done that before, but Leonard and others encouraged me to expand my repertoire as a singer beyond my own songs and this EP is the result. It’s been a liberating experience.”

The EP was recorded live in studio at f.Boo Music in Los Angeles. The songs are interpretations of Otis Redding’s “Dock of The Bay”, Eric Claptons’ “Change The World”, Bruce Hornsby’s, “The Way it is”, and Tom Waits’ dark ode to the struggle between good and evil, “Way Down in The Hole”, well known as the theme from HBO’s, “The Wire”.

Check out Sharon's website

fBoo Music introduces new musical force... the Zip Guns

Low down, low life, low brow ROCK'N ROLL!

Keven Brennan (sax), Jason Gutierrez (guitar), Tim Glum (bass), Jon Biggs (drums)

It's raunchy, sleazy, garage, Rock & Roll... and we can't wait to Messaround!

Date to be announced...
Viva Cantina
Burbank, CA

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Los Feliz releases their first single - "Mindiwa / Howlin' at the Moon"

An intercontinental collaboration of Los Angeles musicians Keven Brennan and Camilo Otero and Bogota, Colombia musicians Sergio Mejia and Santiago Mejia blending Afro, Funk, and traditional Colombian rhythms and song forms. [FB page]  [BUY]

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New Single - Janeen Leah and Scott Cowie "What's For You Won't Go By You"

During Scott Cowie's first visit to the U.S. (from his homeland Scotland), he stopped in at an open mic in San Francisco. There he asked fBoo Music artist Janeen Leah to borrow her guitar so that he could perform. Soon afterwards they were writing and recording their duet - "What's For You Won't Go By You."

To listen and buy - Janeen's artist page or Scott's artist page

Keven Brennan plays show at Tornamesa in Bogota, Colombia!!

Scott Cowie and "The Talk Music Podcast"

The f.Boo team has been working around the clock putting together a special video series for f.Boo artist Scott Cowie's "The Talk Music Podcast."

Scott is joined by co-host Tanya O'Callaghan (Irish, L.A.-based bassist) in interviews with Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, jazz/classical violinist Nora Germain, Beyonce's bassist Divinity Roxx, and legendary studio musician Carol Kaye (pictured to the right with Keven Brennan and below with Tanya and Scott).

It's a bird, it's a plane, noOOOO.... it's GO SHLOMO!

This dynamic duo - Adam Benjamin on keys and Jason Harnell on drums - will astound you with their super-hero-musical talent. [more]


Janeen Leah's new EP "Right in Front of Me" is steeped in haunting, melodic rock and heart in the fight.

Produced by Keven Brennan, get a glimpse behind the scenes of track 6 "Let this Love Die" in the before and after tracks:
  • "Let This Love Die" (before) - Janeen Leah
  • "Let This Love Die" (after) - Janeen Leah
Check out "Right in Front of Me" on Janeen's f.Boo Artist page and purchase it at CDBaby.com.

Cover photo by Paola Ibern

f.Boo welcomes newly signed duo GO SHLOMO to the label. GO SHLOMO is Adam Benjamin on piano/keyboards and Jason Harnell on drums/percussion. In the studio now with producer Keven Brennan, they've started recording for their first f.Boo release. Check out a live clip below.


"Whatever he encounters, this Big Chief Won't Bow Down"

As Big Chief Monk Boudreaux prepares for the 2012 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (which he has played since it's inception in 1970) and another tour, including a stop at the Playboy Jazz Festival in Hollywood with the Soul Rebels... in comes two great reviews of Monk's latest CD Won't Bow Down:

Relix, April/May 2012

"..."Monk's Mardi Gras," a slab of low-slung funk fueled by Orgone's rhythm section, with Dr. John on piano..." [Read more...]  ( Philip Booth for Relix, April/May 2012 Issue)

Living Blues, April 2012

"...Boudreaux takes the music light years from what he and his "gang" were laying down at the H&R Bar... Like a West African djali or griot, Boudreaux is a musician, poet, storyteller, historian, preacher, and teacher, and what he imparts on Won't Bow Down is very much the story of his life..." [Read more...]  (Robert H. Cataliotti for Living Blues, April 2012 Issue)

* * *

Interview with Producer Keven Brennan

The Secret Journey of a Song

Los Angeles-based producer Keven Brennan talks about working with artists long distance. Brennan says, "Working with Janeen Leah [f.Boo artist] is a perfect example of one way I work with an artist and one who doesn't live in Los Angeles. Janeen will write a song and do a simple two track recording on her computer with vocals and guitar, and then she emails that to me. I listen to the track and talk with her over the phone about the vibe of the song and what I hear for it. Then I go to work laying down the tracks. I send her a rough mix so that she can rehearse and get the song with it's full production into her body. Then we either arrange for her to fly into Los Angeles for one day to record the vocal or arrange a session with a studio in her area and have the track sent down for my final mixing."

Check out the before and after production of Janeen Leah's song "Let this Love Die." Also, look for her forthcoming EP "Right in Front of Me."
  • "Let This Love Die" (before) - Janeen Leah
  • "Let This Love Die" (after) - Janeen Leah
International, Spain-based singer-songwriter Paco Pasman, of the band Los Mawers, was in town to lay down the tracks for his song "Winter in Madrid." "Yeah, it was great working with Paco. We have a similar sensibility about music and art which led to some great conversations as well as tracks. Once recording was done, Paco flew back to Spain and I continued with mixing. I emailed him the final tracks and we wrapped everything via email, says Keven.

Listen to "Winter in Madrid" and check out the music videos for "Winter in Madrid" and "Not Dead Yet" below. You'll see Keven Brennan on Sax and Brandon Burns on Trombone in "Not Dead Yet".

  • "Winter in Madrid" - Paco Pasman

Los Mawers ''Winter in Madrid''

(click here if you don't see the videos)

Los Mawers ''Not Dead Yet''

(click here if you don't see the videos)

Prior Album Releases

Reverand Goat Carson's new CD "Jamestown to Jonestown," produced by Keven Brennan, released on October 20th, 2011 in New York City at the Gershwin Hotel. The release show was paired with "Three Carsons out of Texas" which brought the three Carson brothers (Rev. Goat, Neke Carson and L.M. Kit Carson) together for the first time in years.

Below is Rev. Goat and Keven in the studio with Dr. John laying down piano on Goat's spoken word album. Goat's lyrics and delivery are animated, moving, and shocking.

Dr. John,
Keven Brennan,
Rev. Goat Carson
(left to right)

Photograph by Jerry Moran

We contiue to celebrate the release of Big Chief Monk Boudreaux's "Won't Bow Down."

The New Orleans Mardi Gras Indian phenomenon is part music, part heritage, part ancestry, part revelry, part fashion, and oft misunderstood. Big Chief Monk Boudreaux is one of the most famous and enduring leaders of that culture and head of the Golden Eagle Mardi Gras Indian tribe.

"Won’t Bow Down" is guided by Monk’s adventurous spirit and love for varied musical styles. Originally released as a single, but now on the album, “Monk’s Mardi Gras” features the rhythm section of Orgone with Dr. John on piano, and takes us through Monk’s history as an Indian, from childhood to Big Chief. “Footsteps” is “the best song about cooking I’ve ever heard,” says Monk’s producer, Keven Brennan. “I was sitting in his kitchen while Monk was cooking, and he was telling me how he’s been preparing game like raccoon and gator since he was a kid, “taking it home and cooking it for my mother and family.”

This project features Dr. John (piano), Jim Keltner (drums), Papa Mali (guitar), Orgone, and Monk's son Joseph Boudreaux Jr., just to name a few.

Joseph Boudreaux,
Keven Brennan,
Big Chief Monk,
Papa Mali
(left to right)

Photograph by
Jerry Moran

[More Big Chief Monk info...]

Some f.Boo stuff coming soon...

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