"I wanted to prove the sustaining power of music." -David Bowie

f.Boo Music is a family owned production company, indie record label, and recording studio dedicated to creating music that's arresting, disarming, and maybe just a little bit different.

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f.Boo Friends and Scuttlebutt...

Camilo Otero

Musician and composer, Camilo Otero specializes in crafting beautiful and compelling soundscapes. Check out his stuff on SoundCloud. He's been part of the fBoo family since 2006, entering as guitarist for live band performances promoting Keven Brennan's 4th CD "God is a Mighty Gourd."

Camilo has contributed to fBoo projects and peformances ever since, most recently playing guitar on forth-coming Alan Wachs CD, and working alongside Keven on the Los Feliz Project (Afro, Funk, and traditional Colombian rhythms and song forms). Los Feliz released single "Mindiwa/Howlin' at the Moon" and debut EP may be purchased on CDBaby [here].

Scott Cowie - Talk Music Podcasts

fBoo Music introduces Low down, low life, low brow Rock'n Roll... The ZipGuns

Keven Brennan (sax), Jason Gutierrez (guitar), Tim Glum (bass), Jon Biggs (drums)

It's raunchy, sleazy, garage, Rock & Roll... and we can't wait to Messaround!

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It's a bird, it's a plane, noOOOO.... it's GO SHLOMO!

The dynamic duo of Adam Benjamin on keys and Jason Harnell on drums will astound you with their super-hero-musical talent. [more]

Projects in Production

Allan Wachsproject is a powerful, poet collection of original songs written and sung by Allan. Special guests include Sharon Robinson and Greg Leisz.

Robin Brennan's haitus is over! Currently in pre-production on 10 new songs and a great line-up with Rick Huhnke (guitar), Vivi Rama (bass) and Jon Biggs (drums)... not to mention producer/partner Keven Brennan.


Los Feliz 2 - NEW EP DROPS 9/1

Imagine a musical project that develops between Los Angeles, California (Keven Brennan & Camilo Otero) and Bogota, Colombia (brothers Sergio and Santiago Mejia) -- meeting once a year in a creative ritual binding two great engines of production! The result is a musical journey through sound and times of the twentieth century. With references from Surf, Funk and Jazz, traveling the roads of Cumbia, Mambo, Soukus and Afrobeat, the listener is taken on a psychedelic trip culminating in a sonic adventure to remember... [more]

los feliz 2

Los Feliz interview with Mixticius.net Radio Independiente

los feliz 2   

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Les invitamos a entrar al mundo de Los Feliz, un proyecto musical que se ha desarrollado entre Los Angeles, California y Bogotá.

En esta charla entre Camilo Otero, Keven Brennan, Sergio y Santiago Mejía, conoceremos más de la historia de esta colaboración, de momentos claves en la producción de sus 2 EP`s y de lo que han venido preparando para su concierto debut este viernes 9 de septiembre en Bogotá.

Sigan y disfruten de esta sesión de Visitantes ilustres.

Los Feliz interview with Simona Dice


Keven Brennan produces Sharon Robinson's "EP1"

Grammy winner Sharon Robinson’s third solo release and first EP, entitled, “Sharon Robinson EP 1”, will be distributed by Floating World Records, UK, and exclusively available on Sharon’s upcoming Summer ’16 European Tour.

Produced by Keven Brennan, the EP contains four soulful covers that expand on Robinson’s artistic journey as a singer; for the first time recording songs by writers other than herself and her many collaborations with Leonard Cohen.

“After releasing my current solo LP, Caffeine, I wanted to record songs by singers and writers I admired and include them in my next tour. I’d never done that before, but Leonard and others encouraged me to expand my repertoire as a singer beyond my own songs and this EP is the result. It’s been a liberating experience.”

The EP was recorded live in studio at f.Boo Music in Los Angeles. The songs are interpretations of Otis Redding’s “Dock of The Bay”, Eric Claptons’ “Change The World”, Bruce Hornsby’s, “The Way it is”, and Tom Waits’ dark ode to the struggle between good and evil, “Way Down in The Hole”, well known as the theme from HBO’s, “The Wire”.

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