Brennan's Boarding House

Brennan's Boarding HouseOne night, 15 years ago, in an intimate place where moonlight glow casts long shadows, a melodic, light-hearted and soulful songstress fell madly in love with a vibey, brooding and spirited troubadour. The rest is history.

Brennan's Boarding House, duo Robin and Keven Brennan, have been living, loving, and co-producing their own, as well as countless other artists' albums over the past 16 years. "Brennan's Boarding House" is aptly named because most of the time it feels like one, in their Los Angeles turn-of-the-century craftsman house & studio, with wonderful artists always hangin’ around... it’s a down home hospitality way of life that feeds the soul and permeates the music.

Look for their first joint EP to be released in 2012. More to come...

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"Evil In Love"

"The cobbler's children have no shoes" is an old expression that holds true for "The Brennan's House" at the moment. It refers to the fact that a busy cobbler will be so busy making shoes for his customers that he has no time to make some for his own children.  But don't despair... "The Brennan's House" new record is a-comin' this year and it'll be worth the wait!

Here's a little sneak preview:

  • Baton Rouge
  • Sarah
  • Cup of Tea