Go Shlomo!

Go Shlomo!"GO SHLOMO!" is a modern jazz, keyboard/drumset duo co-led by pianist Adam Benjamin (Dave Douglas, Kneebody) and drummer Jason Harnell, two of Los Angeles' most creative and forward thinking musicians.

GO SHLOMO! is unique not only in its instrumentation, but in the deeply intuitive and nearly symbiotic nature in which the two musicians work together to create a unified vision of musical invention.

Together, these two musicians explore a wide variety of musical terrain ranging from original compositions to familiar standards to "free", improvised compositions. The result is an incredibly original sonic experience you won't soon forget.


Go Shlomo! releases their debut CD on f.Boo this month!

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"Go Shlomo!"

©2014 f.Boo Music (ASCAP) Compact Disc

Go Shlomo!To reconfigure the misaligned threads of stories too many times told: this is the goal of Go Shlomo!

Born at the intersection of fin-de-siecle Jewish intellectual culture and the Reagan-era entertainment-industrial complex, Go Shlomo explodes the myths of jazz and American popular culture.

To unsolo all the solos so far soloed: this is the goal of Go Shlomo!

Against autobiography yet shudderingly personal; above gossip yet divulging the deepest; to tell the story of two invisible children at the end of time: this is the goal of Go Shlomo!

To awaken the senses, to surprise and elude the cerebrum, to scratch the unreachable spot on your back... to tickle your ear-bones in the manner of T.S. Eliot, Modest Mussourgsky, and Ferran Adria: this is the goal of Go Shlomo!


  • What Thing?
  • Yes
  • Lullaby

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Track Listing

1. Sheraton Dance   2. Fat 'n Sassy   3. Rhythm Cycle   4. Herb Alpert School of Music   5. What Thing?   6. In a Mellow Tone
7. Autumn in New York   8. Trance   9. Yes    10. Forgotten But Not Gone   11.High Flyer   12. Lullaby   13. Spank