Reverend David Lee "Goat" Carson

Reverence Goat Carson Reverend Goat Carson was born David Lee Carson and is the embodiment of classic shamanism and a living Renaissance man. He expresses himself fearlessly as a musician, actor, writer, poet and political activist. He has no back-off on tough topics, as evidenced in his attack of "political hypocrisy" after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina by composing for Dr. John's Grammy award-winning album "The City that Care Forgot."

He ran for President of the United States with Eagles’ guitarist Joe Walsh as his vice-presidential running mate in 1992.

Goat lives in New Orleans and has been a fixture in it's culture... playing himself, on the HBO hit series “TREME.” It was after jamming at Muddy Waters with Dave Clemments, Johnny J, and Joey Torres, that Goat found himself home in New Orleans. “I love New Orleans, it is a Spirit City, I am at home with the Spirits, so New Orleans is my home.”

Rev. Goat was awarded the 2011 NAMMY for Best Spoken Word Recording of "My Life is My Sun Dance," the Words of Leonard Peltier’s prison writings, in a Spoken-Word Performance by Harvey Arden with haunting original music by Rev. Goat Carson, George Ingmire, Harry Lenz and Michael Voelker–’New Orleans Light’. His latest novel, "Shallow Graves," deals with the soft underbelly of Hollywood society. He is currently working on a sequel to this novel with his son O.K. Carson, entitled "Wormwood Guard."

You can’t really put Mr. Carson in a box. He is truly one of a kind. Spend 5 minutes with him and you get that. David’s heart is full of fire and creativity, and his art gives voice to things that matter; heart, loyalty, honesty and justice.

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"Jamestown to Jonestown"

© 2011 f.Boo Music (ASCAP) Compact Disc

Storm Nilson The Mayans say "The poet is the father of the priest." It is my intention with this CD to return to the spoken word and it's sacred beginnings. As John the apostle noted, "In the beginning was the Word." Words, well said, wtih passion and committment, are the last hope for this society, this national and this world. We must speak these words now. It is time to tell the Truth.   - Reverend Goat Carson

Rev. Goat is joined by musical force:
Dr. John - piano on "More Like Us Than Mice"
Orgone - drums, bass, percussion, organ, guitar on "More Like Us Than Mice"
Adam Benjamin (Kneebody) - keys
Kaveh Rastegar (Kneebody) - bass
Davey Chegwidden (Rhythm Roots Allstars) - percussion
Keven Brennan - sax, guitar, piano
Robin Brennan - female vocals

Words by David Lee "Goat" Carson
Music by Keven Brennan

Reverand Goat Carson's new CD "Jamestown to Jonestown," produced by Keven Brennan, released on October 20th, 2011 in New York City at the Gershwin Hotel. The release show was paired with "Three Carsons out of Texas" which brought the three Carson brothers (Rev. Goat, Neke Carson and L.M. Kit Carson) together for the first time in years.

Below is Rev. Goat and Keven in the studio with Dr. John laying down piano on Goat's spoken word album. Goat's lyrics and delivery are animated, moving, and shocking.

Dr. John,
Keven Brennan,
Rev. Goat Carson
(left to right)

Photograph by Jerry Moran

Track Listing

1. Blessing / Decolonize Your Mind
2. Fantasies of the Master Racists
3. More LIke Us Than Mice
4. Blood Money
5. Red Beans and Rice
6. Dream Warrior
7. The Long Hunt
8. Shallow Graves
9. One People


  • Blessing / Decolonize Your Mind
  • Dream Warrior
  • More Like Us Than Mice

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