Robin Brennan

Robin BrennanSinger-Songwriter, Robin Brennan combines sultry and bluesy vocals, story songs, and simple honesty in her music and performances.

Daughter of a Navy trumpet player, she grew up with music as the constant theme in an ever-changing landscape of country wheatfields and urban asphalt - growing across Virginia, Maryland, Indiana, Kentucky, and California.

Her debut cd, Last Diary of a Torch Singer, an accumulation of these life experiences, has been described as "fresh and fascinating," (The Washington Daily Evergreen), and "funky and slyly seductive... [a] gutsy voice with rootsy blues influences..." (Music Morsels). "Robin has a voice that could seduce a celibate monk." (Songwriter's Monthly).

Robin's second cd, Lullabies for the young at heart, is a beautiful collection of original and familiar songs to warm hearts of all ages. From Elvis' "Love Me Tender", and Cat Stevens' "Morning Has Broken," to "Baby Mine" from Dumbo, her vocals and arrangements are naked and pure, enchanting the souls of babies and adults alike. AND now has a special place at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (read below).

Her newest project, I'll be home for Christmas, is a holiday CD dedicated to her brother Major Scott A. Weakley, a Disabled Vet, Wounded Warrior, Combat Veteran and Purple Heart recipient. This CD has a special mission: to help disabled vets and their families.  See I'll be home for Christmas under Albums" below for the whole story.

Robin has joined forces with partner and husband Keven Brennan to form Brennan's Boarding House. See their Brennan's Boarding House artist page for more info on their duo projects.

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"I'll be home for Christmas"

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Robin Brennan Robin Brennan's new CD, "I'll be home for Christmas," has a special mission: to help disabled vets and their families by donating 10% of the proceeds from sales to a disabled vet charity.

Robin dedicates the CD to her brother, Major Scott A. Weakley, a U.S. Army Retired, 22 years service, Disabled Vet, Wounded Warrior, Combat Veteran and Purple Heart recipient.  "I'm making this CD to honor my brother Scott and others like him," says Robin. "In order to make a real impact we need more help. Please spread the word."

The familiar title cut, “I’ll be home for Christmas,” originally became popular when Bing Crosby recorded it in 1943, as it struck a chord with families and soldiers who were separated by World War II.  One account even has the inspiration for the song going back further to the soldiers of World War I who longed to be home at Christmas time.  It's sentiment rings true today.

A big thank you to Fay Stone of Platteville, WI, for her contribution of the cover photo . It's of her family farm, Fountain Bluff Farm and their magical covered bridge.

Scott's Story

My brother, Major S.A. Weakley, is a U.S. Army Retired, 22 years, Disabled Veteran, Wounded Warrior, Combat Veteran and Purple Heart recipient (along with 21 other medals). He is an Airborne School, Officer Candidate School, and a Command and General Staff College graduate.

He was deployed to Panama, Los Angeles Riots, Bosnia, Operation Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.
Several of these deployments have resulted in exposure to toxic substances, and he has contracted Constrictive Bronchiolitis, a disease that doctors are only now starting to discover in war vets. it is a covert, degenerative disease with early symptoms mimicking asthma, an upper respiratory infection or some other condition, and can only be diagnosed with a lung biopsy (for more information on this disease, see the New England Journal of Medicine article). Scott's story has been on CBS Denver, ABC News, Fox News, and PressTV.

if you are in the military and are being deployed, I strongly encourage you to insist on having a very simple pulmonary test before you go to baseline your lung capacity. When you return (or before if you feel you are having difficulty or discomfort breathing) take the test again to determine whether or not there is any degradation. If there is, talk to a pulmonary doctor about having a lung biopsy. If diagnosed with Constrictive Bronchiolitis, the sooner you start treatment the better chance you have of prolonging your life.

Although daily life brings new challenges for Scott, and he is no longer able to do some activites he loves (such as run marathons), he continues to push forward to live as full and rich a life as he can. He says, "I'm proud to have served my country, and now my goal is to have a decent quality of life and to see my two children graduate from high school." Scott has a will of steel and a heart of gold... I've absolutely no doubt that he'll do it.

So I'm making this CD to honor my brother and others like him. I love Scott above and beyond, from the beginning when he was my little buddy to now, as a man that I'm so very proud to call my brother. (Robin Brennan)


  • I'll be home for Christmas
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Silent Night
  • Santa Baby

Songs on CD

  • I'll be home for Christmas
  • I Saw Three Ships
  • Winter Wonderland
  • White Christmas
  • Go Tell It on the Mountain
  • Silent Night
  • Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isalbella
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  • I Heard the Bells
  • Silver and Gold
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  • The Christmas Song
  • God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
  • Santa Baby
  • The Secret of Christmas

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"Lullabies for the young at heart"

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Robin Brennan "Lullabies for the young at heart" has a special place at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA)!

Dr. Jessica Wisnowski works in research – working to develop new therapies for preventing cerebral palsy. As part of her efforts at CHLA, she works with newborn infants who are born in very difficult circumstances (born too early or after complications – such as having a cord wrapped tightly around their neck at birth). These infants receive medical therapies in CHLA's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and afterwards, Dr. Wisnowski uses MRI to help measure how our therapies are helping to heal the infant’s brains (and thus prevent CP).

One of the challenges that Dr. Wisnowski faces is that the MRI scanners make loud, startling sounds. To alleviate this, she started to play music to the infants during our MRI scans, and discovered that Robin Brennan’s "Lullabies for the Young at Heart" is a favorite amongst the infants!


"...Robin Brennan's beautiful voice delivers all of her songs as if she spoke for all mothers on Earth..." (Jennifer Walford, YFBREE)

"Spare and lovely, this homegrown collection of gentle music soothes and delights..." (Los Angeles, South Bay, & Ventura Family Magazine)

" This is a simple and soothing recording worth adding to your lullabies collection..." (


  • Fiona
  • Love Me Tender

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"Last Diary of a Torch Singer"

©1999 f.Boo Music (ASCAP) Compact Disc

Robin Brennan "Beware! ... Robin has a voice that could seduce a celibate monk. Powerful, sexy
and splendidly nasty fun." (Allen Foster, Songwriter's Monthly)

"... reminiscent of chic forties nightclubs to the alternative sound of modern day rock... Her voice is refreshing yet contains a classic sound that has nearly been lost in radio hits." (Jennifer J, Bandwidth)

"... if her voice can't move you in any way, you had better call in the coroner." (Mark E. Waterbur Music Morsels)


  • Dear Diary
  • A Place I Go
  • Boys Keep Knockin

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